Well, well, well

A lot has happened recently. And I mean a lot.

So what have I been up to? Well a lot of stuff as mentioned above.

One of the most important things that has happened recently for me is I’ve been hired. No, not by Macdonalds like half of my school it seems. No, I’ve been hired to create the new website for uavs australia. If you don’t know who they are here’s their current website: http://www.uavsaustralia.com/ . Trust me, I’m making a better one than that. So I’ve been dusting off my web coding skills and hitting the aptana studio editor hard. So I haven’t had much time to write stuff for this blog as frequently as I normally do.

The other thing I have been doing is building a spacecraft. The avionics are nearly done (I’ll write something up on them when they’re finished) and I have figured out the whole government approval thing. All I have to do know is get a balloon and some helium. Kids at school just laugh when they ask me what I’m doing on the weekend. “I’m working on a spacecraft”.”Bulls**t you are”.

Yesterday I did some testing of the balloon video camera by strapping it to a kite for a high speed test run. Here’s a still from the flight.

I'm the little dude in the white jumper.

I’ll upload the full video some time. It makes for interesting viewing. The kite can get a pretty high perspective.

I also flew some water rockets using a hose and some bottles with a friend. We got a bit bored on a Sunday afternoon. Here’s a couple of pics from that adventure:

The rocket could fly to about the distance of the car in the background. I mean it was just a bottle shoved on a hose.

The rocket could fly to about the distance of the car in the background.

That's my friend kicking a dud one to get it to launch.

That's my friend kicking a stubbourn one to get it to launch.

Sorry the rocket pictures are so low res. My friend has go pro footage of the launches. I’ll have to get it off him. It was fun and wet launching those things. You pinch the hose as a throttle and gradually build up the pressure in the bottle until it can’t take it any more and blasts off.

So there’s my hastily written update on what I’ve been doing. I’ll keep you posted.