Let it begin

No, you’re not getting any more info than that about what I’m doing.


Instructables Arduino competition

I was actually stuck in a bit of a tricky situation deciding whether to spread the word about this cool competition. You see, if I didn’t spread the word I would have had more chance at winning as there would be less entries. But, that would make me feel kind of bad for not telling you guys about cool stuff. So I decided to tell you about it and hopefully get some more people into this stuff with the incentive of a big, juicy DSLR.

So, on to the competition details. There is a DSLR, kindle fire and an Arduino mega on offer as prizes. And it’s open to Australians! How is that even possible? Tech competitions are never open to us…. I’m very confused. Anyway, there’s not that many entries (yet) so I think it’s a good idea to make a project quickly so it can get the early votes before it gets lost in the pages of projects. I would tell you some of my ideas but I’m not that generous.

Check the competition out here: http://www.instructables.com/contest/arduino2012/?show=INFO