Build Guide

The finished computer model.


  1. You still need to add geared rail parts onto the top rail of bricks. Refer to the flickr pictures for more. Also, if you’re having trouble with any part of the build refer to the flickr pictures. Or leave a comment.
  2. The diagonal side suppourts are not hooked on. LDD doesn’t allow the angle.
  3. The worm gear shaft requires another small tightening grey thing next to the worm gear on the side furthest from the motor.
  4. You’ll need something flat to draw on. I use old aluminium DVD drive cases. You’ll also need rubber bands and a fine-tipped pen.
  5. If you spot anything wrong, feel free to leave a comment. However, be aware that it is the very first set of instructions.

Here’s the mediafire download link with the .lxf file and the HTML build guide all zipped up. You’ll need to enable editing in Microsoft Word to see the pictures.


3 thoughts on “Build Guide

  1. Hello!
    I’m interested in this, but I can’t see the pictures in your Buliding Instructions. Can you sent me the repaired Building Instructions and the Lego program? (
    Thanks a lot!

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