So here’s the deal for the next few months.

I’m dusting the cobwebs off this blog to share with you every week a blog post about the development of a major iOS application. I hope you enjoy. The first is below. All my posts and my classmates posts can be viewed at 


by LOCHIE on AUGUST 13, 2012

I’m beginning to see more and more the usefulness of good planning. I’ve always been the kind of person to dive right in, and figure it out as I go along. Why waste time planning when you can be making or doing? But I’ve learnt recently that planning can be quite a good thing after all. Instead of wasting time it can help you structure your ideas into something can be achieved more quickly and easily. It can actually save time instead of waste time. As I’ve worked through planning out my app I’ve found this to be true more and more. What looks like a hugely complicated idea from the outside can be simplified somewhat if it is broken down into chunks. If you focus on doing one medium sized thing well you will do much better than if you focus on doing little things all over the place. Planning is very useful indeed.

There’s been one major challenge that I’ve encountered as I’ve been planning my app. Trying to figure out how to balance the needs of various end users is very tricky indeed. Take for example a cooking app which shows recipes. User A likes making sushi. User B likes making spaghetti. Because of this range of interests and uses for the app you then have to consider how much weighting you need to give to each type of food in the recipe library. This requires surveys and careful analysing of the market before settling on a compromise. There may be many people who like sushi but even though they are in the minority, spaghetti people may have more iPhones. Though with my app it’s a lot less about giving weighting to libraries of information and a lot more about omitting or including features. Does Person A really need this feature? Or would they be happy with the feature more suited to the larger group of people classified as Person B? These are difficult conundrums that can only be solved with careful planning and consideration. Hmm.


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