A cool little robot I’m working on

So after getting back from my holiday I was bored for a bit. Then I came up with a cool idea. How awesome would it be to have a robot that sits in my school locker greeting me whenever I open it. Like a little animal that hides out in there. So a small holiday project was born. It consists of a servo, speaker, led, light sensor, rechargeable AAA batteries,a little cheap telescope, blu tac and an arduino clone board designed by me to control the whole thing.

The robot looks like this at the moment. Please excuse the low res of the iPad’s camera. It was all I had with me.


The eye part of the robot is constructed out of a plastic lens and an LED for lighting it up. It sits on a servo providing robotic movement.


The whole project is controlled by a simple arduino clone I made. It’s basically just the atmega328 processor, programming pinout, crystal and caps, reset resistor and an LED connected to digital pin 13 to determine whether a problem is caused by the processor or other electronics.


So the robot head at the moment is pretty much just a servo with a little telescope for an eye and an LED to light up the “eye”. The program for it at the moment is pretty simple. It basically just checks whether the door is open with a light sensor reading, then when it detects an open door it does some beeping, head shaking and eye blinking. When I get some free time (stupid school) I’ll make a better program for it that makes it happy, sad or excited and plays a little tune etc making it more realistic. Then I’ll give you some more details.

I’m beginning to learn iOS development through school at the moment. It’s going to be an awesome year. There’s lots of other cool stuff happening as well.

Just thought I’d keep you posted.


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