My little iPad stylus made from chip foam.

Well I got an iPad for Christmas. Which is quite possibly the best Christmas present I have ever received. However, after about half an hour of operation it became clear that some tasks on the iPad are just better with a stylus rather than a finger. So I decided to make one instead of paying $20 for one at a department store.

I remember reading somewhere that iPads only work with anti static material. This was soon validated when I used some anti static chip storing foam to operate the touch screen. Instead of sticky taping the foam to a pencil (very messy) I took advantage of the small hole in the end of a pencil where the eraser is housed. I removed the eraser and replaced it with some foam which was then cut to shape. I then cut the sharp end of the pencil off as it wasn’t needed and I felt like I was going to stab myself in the eye sooner or later. The end result is shown below. Just saved myself $20!



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