New gear and a big clean up.

Yesterday the school design department kindly gave me a Leader LBO-522 analog oscilloscope, GW GPR-150 laboratory power supply and a bucketload of useful components such as servos, 7400 series chips, capacitors, stepper motors, LEDs and a lot more. Pretty much all of the major components were in the cabinet. The cabinet also means that I finally have somewhere that I can put my components instead of just in little resealable bags. This is an amazing gift and I appreciate it greatly. Thank you CGS design department and in particular, Mr Van Zyl as well as Mrs Atkinson. Thank you so much!

Seeing as I spent most of this afternoon cleaning up my desk and installing the new test equipment and parts cabinet I didn’t have time to write anything. I really wanted to record a timelapse of the cleanup instead but my webcam software stuffed up. So I thought I’d show you this little before and after:





The oscilloscope is awesome as it allows me to see deep into how electronic devices work. It can also aid me in designing my own. Last night I was messing around with it doing things like using it as a music visualizer and looking at arduino serial data bytes. It’s a very nice old scope that works perfectly. Thanks once again.

I might write something tomorrow detailing some of the parts etc. But until then, thank you once more. This is so cool.


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