A lot of Lego CNC photos.

In keeping with open-hardware practices I will be publishing full build details and designs of my Lego CNC this weekend. However, a certain kid who I help with robotics is busting to build one. So I whipped out my webcam and shot as many photos as I could to help him build one. Sorry that some of them are blurry it’s just that my webcam is dodgy and I don’t have a real camera. Instead of uploading them here which would have taken forever because wordpress is very slow with media uploads I’ve uploaded them to flickr. Enjoy.


Here’s a couple of tips for the build:

  1. You’ll notice that when it’s done as per the photos the top rail is at an angle leaning forward when it doesn’t have the pen motor on it. This is to counteract the weight of the pen motor. Dodgy but it works. This will probably be fixed this weekend.
  2. Make sure the bottom screw gear thingy is strong and tight. It prints a lot better if the grey nut things are tight. Also make sure that the top gear rail is strong and tight.
  3. Use as many black pegs as you can to strengthen the beams. I didn’t have too many but the more you have the more stable the printer is so you can write more accurate programs.
  4. You’ll need a long NXT cable for the top motor. Make sure it isn’t snagging or rubbing on anything as this will affect the accuracy of the X axis.
  5. And feel free to improve it. Even now looking at the photos I can see some areas of improvement. Hint: The two diagonal beam supports could be stronger.
  6. And if you need more photos I’m happy to take them.

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