It’s alive!

Breadboard Arduino

Please behold a photograph of my very first working breadboard arduino.

My first breadboard arduino.

My first breadboard arduino.

It’s shown blinking through some LED’s that came free with my arduino duemilanove from icy labs. What a great freebie! I finally able to make the breadboard arduino because the duemilanove supports bootloading. I also got a uno because I want to investigate its USB HID features. The little red chip on the breadboard is an FTDI USB to serial converter that I’m just using for 5V power from the USB hub on my computer. I can now fully embed arduino projects for around $7. Sweet. I might build a space invader bike light or something now I know this works…

Make, Hack, Void

Last night I went to the “Maker Meetup” of the local hackerspace Make, Hack, Void. It was probably the most friendly club/ group of people I have ever met. I took along my synthesizer project and at least 5 of them all lined up to have a go. I was going to get some help with decoding the infrared of my robosapien but I didn’t get time. There were a few interesting talks on their hackerspace opening times twitter notifier thingy and a glove keyboard device made from shape-lock. Both were really interesting with good questions put forward and answered. It was my first experience of a hackerspace and I definitely want to go again. Thanks so much MHV, I had a great night.


As I mentioned above the synthesizer was a hit at MHV with a lot of people trying it out. However, it wasn’t really all that audible because I only took a tiny little 8 ohm speaker. Oh well. I’ll probably do up a stripboard design for it (as a lot of people suggested) and make fully soldered version that won’t involve any loose development board hanging off a breadboard.


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