Collection of open source hardware awesomeness

At the moment I’m waiting for my uno board to come so I can make my synth more permanent and make videos etc, and I’m in the middle of trying to hack a robosapien. So there’s not much I can write about as I’ve realised that me blogging about unscrewing and rewiring things is quite boring.

So stuck for ideas as to what to write about today (I’m trying to write a post a day) I decided to collect some of the best open source hardware projects and products from around the net and gather them into one big list in no particular order.

Arduino is the grand-daddy of all open source hardware boards etc and is very popular among makers and hackers. It is commonly used to control just about anything that has wires sticking out of it. Hundreds of thousands of boards have been sold.

Spoke POV  by adafruit/ladyada. This is a really cool project that allows people to turn their standard bike wheels into throbbing 8 bit displays. There’s been a couple of projects on kickstarter recently that have been trying to steal its concept and make money out of it while keeping their designs closed-source. I guess it can’t really be called stealing though because it is open source hardware. Still.

Everything by adafruit/ladyada. She’s an open source pioneer and has built a lot of really cool projects and sells kits.

Make magazine. Make magazine is kind of like the main media source for building stuff. If you’re good at building stuff you’ll get hired by them.

Makerbot. It’s a 3D printer that can make itself.

Hackaday. This is a blog that showcases the best of open source hardware. You won’t get on these guys website for building a mood light. You have play star wars using floppy drives.

Teagueduino. It’s basically an arduino kit that has been tuned towards ease of use. Based on a teensy development board.

Go make something. It’s good for you.



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