First up I’ll say sorry for not keeping you guys up to date with my server project for a couple of days. My school has this silly athletic qualification and testing system which is designed to rank me for races in an athletics carnival that I won’t be at.

The new UI

The new UI

A lot of wire!!

A diagram of the UI

The plan.

Okay so basically I’ve redesigned (again) the UI for the server. I figured out that I actually did have enough pins to include a four number 7 segment display after all. The other electronics includes a piezo for alarms and errors as well as a tilt switch to detect whether it has been touched and a temperature sensor for doing weather logging. So that’s basically all I’ve got for the electronics apart from the etherten.


An old power supply from the dump

An old computer power supply enclosure from the dump

I was digging around a bit last night for an enclosure and came across an old computer supply enclosure. It’s perfect because it has a fan that works and looks pretty cool. It’s AC socket also provides a perfect slot for the 4 number 7 segment display to fit into. The etherten does need the fan because it gets pretty hot so I’ll just hook it up to the 5V on the etherten. Also, when I turned off the lights with the etherten inside the enclosure, it glows a cool blue color from the etherten’s onboard LED. Awesome.


I think I’ve finally got a good idea of what I want the server to do. I want it to be able to show and log temperature to the SD card, serve files remotely, and display messages and errors on the 7 segment display. To do this I think I’m going to have a loop that includes a check to see whether it has received any HTTP requests and a variable that triggers a different 7 segment display message each time around. It would look a bit like this conceptually (very roughly).

HTTP check(
if it gets one it prints the webpage requested
lots of ifs depending on the variable
if var=1(
display temp on display
if var=2(
display history on display
and increase the variable (also when it gets to a certain number bring it back to 1)

This kind of program structure allows for easy expansion and makes sure that webpages are served quickly.

So that’s about all for now. Next up is an in-depth look at how I wire number displays.


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