Arduino Server

server picture

Big ass server

Okay so I’m starting a new project.

I’ve wanted for a while to have a computer that I can utilise as a server on permanent duty in my home. My laptop runs a full apache server so I could use that but I often take it to school so there’s no point as it would be with me. It’s not a server if it’s not always on. But I had an old laptop so I thought that I would give that a try. It cost me about $400 5 years ago at a second hand computer fair thing. It’s actually a pretty cool little hacker style laptop  but it crashed a while ago. I tried to reboot  it but it’s external disc drive wouldn’t work so I couldn’t run the windows installation disks. I could have attempted to make a server in DOS but it would be pretty messy. I’ll try and revive it later.

The etherten’s role

As you guys know I recently purchased a freetronics etherten. This is an AVR board with onboard ethernet and microSD card storage. Sure, it’s an 8 bit chip but I don’t really need processing power for a little home server to use as a remote micro SD card. It has a up to 32GB of space (micro SD card) which should be enough to store images etc.


So I started to look around for web server examples for the arduino. There’s a lot out therer to cater for a lot of stuff (especially on the ethernet section of the official arduino site). But I guess I can only really call it a homegrown server if I do all the code myself. So I’m thinking I could just code it up in C++ or use a python virtual machine that I saw somewhere on Hackaday. I can’t really look up the details of the python virtual machine at the moment because I’m at school and school block out Hackaday and other cool sites with a Netbox Blue thingy.  Actually now that I think of it I could use the server as a proxy…..

What I want it to do

So I want my server to be able to do some basic things like serve my music and stuff so I can access a unique playlist from anywhere without having to lug a USB. I also want it to be able to use the micro SD card as a kind of file drop so I can drop larger files instead of having to transfer them through lousy microsoft exchange. Stuff like twitter temperature and all that sort of cool stuff would be awesome to have as well. I think I may go with the python option for coding as I have been wanting to learn it for a while now and this seems like a perfect excuse. But C++ does have some nice libraries…

So that’s what I’m going to be working on.


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